Betta Tank Selection – Choosing The Right Betta Aquarium

Purchasing a betta fish tank should be one of your first considerations when you are thinking about buying a betta fish for yourself or a family member.

Clean your tank at least once every two weeks. Make sure that you do not use soap, as it will harm your take care of betta fish. Instead, take a clean rag, and scrub the tank clean with just water. Also, avoid using chemicals of any kind when cleaning your tank. Remember to clean your tank often, as not doing so can result in tragedy.

I know, WOW! But my issues are the high vet bills, the routine vaccines and the like are somewhat affordable it is in a case if something goes wrong. For instance, I have a Great Dane and he got what is called “bloat” a life-threatening condition in which their stomachs flip and cause severe pain eventually death. But luckily we caught it in time which is the most important thing, and also we recognized the symptoms. He had to be rushed to an emergency clinic where they right away took x-rays and that is what it was-“bloat”. But in order to save his life, you are faced with an operation which costs nearly three thousand dollars, and of course, we have to pay for it or else your beloved animal will die.

Create a warm living environment. The water temperature for betta fish needs to be much warmer than most other fish breeds require. You see, these fish are tropical fish, and they are used to temperatures that range from 70 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. One way that you can ensure that you meet their needs is by purchasing a water heater.


betta fish
betta fish

Do not overfeed your Betta’s. Many people make the mistake take care of betta fish overfeeding their fish. Betta fish do not need to eat very often. In fact, you could only fee them once every other day and they would be fine. But, if you overfeed them, they may die. However, feeding them once a day is fine too. Make sure to be consistent in anything you do.

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Keep their water temperature warm enough. Betta fish are tropical fish. They enjoy warmer water temperatures. Keeping your fish tank at 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect. If you can afford one, I suggest that you get a thermostat. That way, you can keep an eye on the temperature at all times. Also, you can get a water heater to regulate the temperature of the tank.

When you go to the pet store you will find many aquariums and fish tanks already equipped with tank heaters. If you find one you like and it doesn’t have a heater, use the following guidelines to pick one out for your tank.

5) You can show them off. Not only do Betta fish make good pets to care for, they’re visually appealing as well. When friends come over, they always like to see the Betta swimming around in their tank with their flowing fins and vibrant colors. In addition, you can even train your pet to do simple tricks, like jumping through a hoop for food or swimming through the water. Other tricks you can do include having the fish follow your finger on the side of the tank, and jumping out of the water to grab food from your fingertip.


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